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Looking for a website redesign? Look no further MJS Website Design can help...

It usually starts with a phone call and a story we hear all too often...  We've already got a website it was built by either a friend or a company offering cheap website design...

Either way the sentence concludes with, but its not working can you help?.... Does this sound familiar?

With hope of getting something cheap and with not enough time to fully research what you need, you have ended up with either a badly built website or a website built using Wordpress which lacks anything or real value and whilst looking great is not working ie no visitors or not bringing business to your website. You know you need help and advice. 

So can we help with your website redesign? 

The good news is Yes. After building website since 1999 we do know a thing or two about website designs and redesigns. Just give us a call on 01489 798353 or contact us via our contact form. We can have a look at your current website and offer a cost effective redesign solution.

You will be glad to know, you wont be speaking to a sales person, you will be speaking to someone who is very honest, experienced and down to earth and like you wants their business to continue to grow.

Once we've redesigned your website you will be asking yourself why you never googled "website design" and found MJS Website Design sooner..

So what's different from us and all other website design companies?

We don't charge over inflated prices to cover large premises and lots of staff. We care about your costs, time and business, we know how important your website is to your business. We have been building websites since 1999 and have kept our client base. With all this you will find us very hard to beat.

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If you would like further information you can go to our contact page, where you can request our current prices, and further information, all without any obligation.

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We are a family run website design company based in Hedge End, and have been designing website's since 1999

  • New business Website Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Search Engine Optimisation - SEO
  • Award winning Hosting plus domain name and Premium daily backs from only £160 for two years

Our designs are tailored to businesses demanding a professional, high quality website at an affordable price. All of our clients received 100% commitment and are fully satisfied with the final design and price.