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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Submissions

Search engine optimisation more commonly known as SEO is where a website is optimised for search engines. Search engine submissions is where your website address is submitted to each search engine telling them to visit (crawl) your website and rank it based on its content.

Once these search engines crawl your website they add relevant information gained from your website to help with search engines results. It is this information that is used when you search for something on Google. Search engines need to know your website exists, that's why a website must be submitted to search engines once optimised.  

Simply put... 

“Without submitting to search engines and SEO, If search engines don't know your website is there, no one will and you wont get any visitors.”

What can MJS Website Design do for YOU?

We ensure our designs follow SEO guidelines. Search engine optimisation has now become a very important part of web design, with most SEO specialist companies charging many hundreds of pounds a month, some charge much, much more all for Professional Search engine optimisation, marketing & consulting services. 

We incorporated SEO techniques into all our new web designs all at no extra cost to you which ensures excellent placement in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.  Whilst we cannot compete with specialist SEO experts who also create and produce social networking exposure, press releases, tweets and face book pages etc, we can do much of the ground work which they would charge to do themselves.

This ensures your website is given the very best chance of reaching a top position without you having to then spend hundreds of pounds more. Each new web design includes many important hidden files for a powerful structured feed for describing all your objects to the search engines. We have webmaster accounts with Google, Yahoo and Bing which will assist with sites being listed promptly.

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Looking good is only half the storey

Whilst it is important for you to have a good looking stylish website, its all to easy to forget, this is not a deciding factor for someone searching. Search engines need to know your website exists and its also about the detail your users cannot see. Search engines list by many important factors both on and off site.

On site search engine optimisation SEO ranking factors includes:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Submissions
  • Relevant content
  • If your site has Google Analytics
  • Effective keyword research and selection
  • Well written content
  • Correct code data ie page title, headers, meta names and descriptions applied correctly
  • How easily the site can be crawled
  • Does site load quickly
  • Page title URLS are short but contain meaningful keywords. 

Off site Search engine optimisation SEO ranking factors includes:

  • Quality of links
  • Domain age
  • Geographic's including country
  • Social Networking
  • Number of regular visitors
People don't look for good looking stylish flash website's, they look for a site which provides relevant information relating to what they are searching for quickly and easily. It's for this reason a website must be optimised for search engines.   A website which is not optimised for search engines will not achieve the ranking position required to get visitors and genuine leads.

Have your cake and eat it 

Because many SEO specialist companies don't design website's, they concentrate on SEO. If your budget allows, we can design your website do much of the leg work at a fraction of their cost, then hand to a specialist who can make the fine adjustments. 

Once your website is completed if you feel your site still needs a helping hand we will be please to provide you with details of the SEO Company we work with. 

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What are Organic and PPC Listings

What are Organic listings?

Simply put Organic listings are ‘natural’ or ‘unpaid’ listing. This is a listing which has got to the position through on and off site SEO, relevant content and keywords, hard work, back links social networking links and time. This is where you want your website to be recognised.

What are PPC listings?

Pay Per Click more commonly known as PPC or sponsored links or Google Adwords are paid listings. These are very good at getting you a top position instantly, however this does come at a price. PPC listings usual appear on the right hand side and sometimes on the top of a search results page. They are normally distinguishable from Organic listings because of they have a different background colour and can also say Ads.

You create your PPC advert, select your keywords then work out how much you are going to pay each time your advert is click upon. When your chosen keyword/s are searched and display your advert along with others who have also chosen the same keyword will appear based on your keyword PPC cost.

Remember with any PPC when you stop or run out of money your listings vanish from the search results and will not appear unless you have a great organic listing position.

Have a website already and want SEO or PPC?

If you wish to discuss SEO or PPC (Pay per click) packages including on page optimisation, backlink packages and reports please contact us.

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