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Want free Images for your website or project?

Want free Images for your website or project?Please read this information, it could save you a large bill and stop you going to court!! 

The term "Royalty free" - does not mean you can use the images for free. The term means you pay an initial fee for the purchase of an online image or a collection of photos, and then you may use the image(s) as often as required within the license terms and conditions without paying for the use of the image each time the image is used.

We have written this article to hopefully stop a potential people who misunderstand image copyright from being fined for photo/ image copyright breach.

Technology today means its very easy for companies who sell images to track unauthorised users down, the site you copied the images from may have copyright ownership but it does not mean because you copied it you also have ownership. 

We are aware of a copyright breach which cost a website owner a little under £3000 for two images, the size of a postage stamp. The site owners did not know where they got the images from, they may have been copied from another website, contained in a CD ROM, bought on Ebay or scanned from a brochure, either way they had to pay, or face court!!! 

Google and alike make it too easy to copy images, but don't be tempted to do so, did you know the image could be copyrighted and probably contain code to identify it. If you use an image on the internet it has every chance of being checked for copyright breach. 

There is now software that creates digital "fingerprints" for images, allowing it to locate pictures even if a stealthy thief changes a photo by cropping it, resizing it, altering its colour or changing its filename. It then sends Web crawlers scurrying through the Internet looking for images, trying to match them to the more than four million copyrighted photos in its database. 

The rules are simple

If you didn't photograph the images don't use them, If you don't know where you got the images from don't use them, If you did not buy the images don't use them.

If you need images, buy them, it's as simple as that ....and with companies like Dreamstime and 123RF who we use, they sell images from as little as only 75p it's worth every penny, to get the right image and without costing lots of money.

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