We answer a few faqs but If your looking to have a website or looking for a redesign just give us a call and we are sure we will be able to help.

Website Design Information Frequently asked questions

We provide a free no obligation quote which is guaranteed for 28 days, and will include everything to get your website online. If you wish you can design your own website on paper, and we will convert your dreams into a website reality. If you have a small website design budget just give us a call and we will see what we can do.

Your website can be online in a matter of days. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Our company has an order form, can I have the same layout on the website?"
Yes your online form can be designed from scratch or taken from your own stationary and converted to a website format.

"Can I have links to other websites?"
Yes you can have as many web links as you want. Links can be set up for both internal links within your site as well as external links to other website's, however you should remember an external link will take someone away from your site!

"How long will it take before my site goes online?"
Your website will be online within only a few days from the initial phone conversation to the final client approval before upload, it will also depend on how fast you can supply the material for the site content.

"What about updates and amendments?"
Your website can bepdated at whatever interval you require. We recommend your site should be updated regularly to ensure regular visitors do not get bored, a bored visitor will not recommend your site to others and they will not return either. Updates and amendments are charged at an additional cost and we only charge for the time taken and never rounded up. All updates and amendments can be emailed or phoned through to us and we will make that changes instantly or within a few hours depending on the complexity.

"Can I start off with only a few pages, and increase my website at a later date?"
Yes, not every business needs a large site to start off with. As your business changes and grows so can your website. We always ensure we use a hosting company that offer's enough space for your site to expand.

~ website designer Southampton ~ web site design ~ website design ~ website design hants ~ website designer Hampshire ~ Budget website design "What sort of information should I put on my website?" 
Giving the right message and impression is the key to an excellent website content. Impressive looking graphics, moving images and text and even audio effects all add to the effect, but all these effects considerably slow down the time it takes to down load your site.

A good site should download 95 percent of its content within 3 seconds, any longer and people will go to another site! Good design, easy navigation, up to date information, a consistent look throughout the site and relevant content will give your customers the right impression.

A good start for content is the information that is contained within your company literature, you would have already have done your home work on what you want to say about your company. If you do not have any, think about what information you would want to know about your service if you were a potential client or customer. Make sure your content is clear concise and relevant. 

"How long will it be before I start to receive traffic to my website?" 
Once your site is completed we will submit you domain name to all the major search engines and directories. Due to the complexity of search engines and the way that they rate a site, you should never expect to be number one, but we will always try. The process of rating and then allowing your site to rise through the rating means you should start to see traffic to your site within a month or so from first submission to search engines. If you use Google Adwords you will see traffic straight away. This is something we can discuss during the initial phone conversation.

Once your site is found by a search engine it will be ranked and put on the search engine, the ranking position will depend upon the content and keyword relevance and other factors. Your ranking position will depend upon competition from other sites as to how long you will stay at that position, with time the more people who use the search engine to find you will help increase your ranking position towards the top number one position.

"Is there anything else I can do to help promote my website ?"
Yes you should consider other forms of promotion i.e emails to previous and current clients, have your website address put onto all your stationary (ie letter heads, business cards, fax headers and invoices) if you can afford it change the sign writing on all yours vehicles to show and promote your new website address.