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Browser cache refresh

Browser cache refresh

Why cant I see the updates to my web page?

In order to speed up browsing the internet, web browsers are designed to download web pages and store them locally on your computer's hard drive in an area called "cache". 

A browser cache (also know as Internet cache) keeps a copy of every item you have viewed or downloaded while visiting a website. When you revisit a website the browser cache speeds up display time by loading the page locally from cache instead of downloading everything again.

Sometimes if you visit your site frequently while we are editing it, you will see an older cached version of the site. Hence why you wont see changes right away.

Why does my browser store a copy of every website I visit?

It's a method integrated into the very first browsers to reduce internet traffic, with modem dial up connections and long before high speed internet, broadband, fibre or 4G. 

It means it makes web browsing faster, however when we make updates the browsers do not pickup on these updates as quickly as we may want. It does mean we hear many times " You said you made the updates but I cannot see them..." then after refreshing " Oopps sorry that's great thanks" 

How to clear your browser Cache Memory

To ensure you see the latest version of your website site after updating you need to clear your browser cache memory.

This is done by carrying out a forced refresh by pressing both control and F5 buttons simultaneously on your keyboard for a couple of seconds. On an Apple Mac, use the Command key and press R.

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